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Installation error

Question asked by Malay Desai on Sep 5, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by Shan Lentine

At my new employer IT is trying to install SW2012 SP3.0 on my brand new workstation. For last two days he is not having sucess.


I looked at the log file and I could see following


12:28:27ErrorStatus1490"Product:SolidWorks ErrorCode:1308 File:Error [1].Source file not found: [2].  Verify that the file exists and that you can access it."
12:28:36ErrorStatus1560"***START DUMP OF WINDOWS INSTALLER DATA***"


Also further down on log file there was something that I could not understand.....



12:28:39ErrorStatus1570"Property(S): STR_LICENSE_ACTIVATED = Warning:  Activated SolidWorks licenses have been detected.



If you are upgrading or replacing your computer, you must first transfer

your current license to the new or upgraded machine before you uninstall.



To transfer your license:



1) Click ""No"" below

2) Launch SolidWorks

3) In SolidWorks, click Help, Transfer... from the main menu

4) Follow the instructions to transfer your license



If you will be reinstalling SolidWorks on this same computer, no additional steps are required.  Proceed with uninstall and your current SolidWorks licenses will remain active.



Do you want to continue uninstalling?"

12:28:39ErrorStatus1570"Property(S): STR_SWINST_ACTIVE_SW = Setup has detected that SolidWorks is running.

You should exit this application then rerun Setup otherwise

the installation may fail."

12:28:39ErrorStatus1570"Property(S): STR_SWINST_INVALID_ADSK_FOLDER = Invalid AutoDesk Mechanical Product folder, the following file does not exist:"
12:28:39ErrorStatus1570"Property(S): STR_SWINST_MIGRATEDESIGNLIBWARNING = Unable to migrate existing SolidWorks Palette documents into the SolidWorks Design Library.

See the SolidWorks Installation and Administration Guide for instructions on how to migrate the Palette documents manually."

12:28:39ErrorStatus1570"Property(S): STR_SWINST_MSI_FOLDERSELECTION_ERROR = The folder selected already contains an installation of SolidWorks.

Please select a different folder."

12:28:39ErrorStatus1570"Property(S): STR_SWINST_NO_ACCESS = You do not have the needed access to the file"
12:28:39ErrorStatus1570"Property(S): STR_SWINST_SWBROWSERALREADYEXIST_ERROR = Warning: The common data folder specified already exists.

If you continue, files required by Toolbox and the Hole Wizard will be upgraded and will not be compatible with previous versions of SolidWorks.



Do you really want to continue?"

12:28:39ErrorStatus1570"Property(S): STR_SWINST_SWBROWSERINUSE_ERROR = The common data folder specified contains data which is currently in use."
12:28:39ErrorStatus1570"Property(S): STR_SWINST_TBBROWSEWARNING = Changing common data folder will result in the loss of all customizations made to previous versions of the SolidWorks common data.



If you are using SolidWorks Toolbox, Toolbox parts will be installed to a different folder than your previous version of Toolbox. This will cause conflicts if you insert Toolbox parts into assemblies that have parts from an older version of Toolbox.



Are you sure you want to change the location of the SolidWorks common data folder?"

12:28:39ErrorStatus1570"Property(S): STR_TBINST_PARTSFOLDER_NEW = To upgrade an existing Toolbox data folder from a previous version of SolidWorks, click Change to locate the folder.

NOTE: Once upgraded, Toolbox data will not work with any previous SolidWorks version."



I have seen a recent post on forum about the change in license policy outside US. My parent company is in Italy and they are trying to install the SW using one of the transfered license but it looks like it has not been transfered.


Any suggestions?


Appreciate all help.



Malay Desai