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    Unfold a solid shape? (not sheetmetal)

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      Hi all!
      Im designing a plywood recumbent bike frame, see attatched pictures for details, and i want to flatten the frame in order to transfer the design onto a sheet of plywood.

      Im going to build a jigg, steam the pre-cut plywood sheets and glue them under pressure to form the frame, so i need pretty exact blueprints.

      the frame is pretty much a arch, viewed from the side, with a radius of about 2700mm but the top view is  more complex, with a bunch of important mesurements.


      I have found a number of tutorials to unfold a sheetmetal part, but im unable to convert my part since i designed it in the "wrong" way.

      it is an extruded boss, on right plane, then boss-cut from top to shape it into a bike frame.


      im sure i cound figure out a way to sketch the design manually on the sheet, but it would be so much easier if i could print the actual design and transfer it onto the plywood.



      What i need is a flat surface extracted from the solid part that i can print, the top surface for instance.

      or do i have to learn sheetmetal part manufacturing and redesign the bike (again..)?