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Using WPDM enabled Revision Tables

Question asked by Matt Martens on Sep 5, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2013 by Matt Martens

I am currently working on setting up WPDM for my company and am working with a test vault on my local computer before setting up the network vault for all user. I have experience with it at my previous company but they did not utilize the WPDM revision table.


My question: After inserting my revision table, I add my revision and any corresponding revision symbols. Now I go to check and fill in the notes section (where the revision description comes from) and check-in my document, the software inserts a new revision line with the revision and description. Not a problem except now the revision line I previously added is still there and the symbols reference it and not the WPDM created revision line. Why doesn't it add the revision description to my existing line? What if i wanted to print my drawing prior to checking it in? The revision line would be missing. If I rely on the WPDM adding the revision line at check-in, I can't add my revision symbols. So now I have to check it back out, add the revision symbols, and check it back in? When I check it back in the second time, I don't want to bump the revision again, so I use read from file. Now if i dont fill in the revision description again, my revision line is missing its description.


Anybody know what to do to make this work easier? Or should I do the revision table manually and not rely on WPDM like we did at my previous company?


Thanks for any replies,


Matt Martens