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Can EPDM variables be linked to an Excel footer?

Question asked by Jeff Thomas on Sep 5, 2013
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We have Excel documents that are going to be revision controlled within the EPDM Vault. When the document goes to the released state I want the transition to update the RevDate, Rev and RelDate. I have done this sucsessfully with Word files however it appears that it is not possible to add custom property links to the footer of a Excel Document. Has anyone found a way to do this? Our work around was to set the top row of the spread as a row that will repeat on all pages. We would prefer to add this information in the footer of the document.


Also when I try and link a date variable to a named cell in the spreadsheet the date variable is deselected in the data card. I have tried to set the date variable as a date type on the card, but this did not work either. The work around was to use an edit field and manually type the date in as text. Not sure why this is happening.


Excel properties are not nearly as friendly as Word properties. Sucks!


Thanks for all the help!


Jeff Thomas

Seanic Ocean Systems