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Ordinate Dimensions with Two Values

Question asked by Blair Legge on Sep 5, 2013
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In the company i work for, we always show elevation view of equipment with ordinate dimensions. the problem is, there are always 2 different elevations that our equipment is based on. The grade elevation of the site where it will be installed as well as a company elevation that references the bottom of our steel. These elevations will always differ by at least a couple of meters.


I was wondering if there is any way that I could show both dimensions in one ordinate dimensions.


Example 1:


COMPANY EL. 0 (B.O.S.)                                          

SITE EL. 2000                                                         


I know I could manually type the value but the dual formatting occurs multiple times. I dont want to do this every time and risk missing a value in a revision. I cant seem to find an appropriate way through the annotation settings but i was hoping that it might be possible to reference another dimension in the Dimension Text properties (similar to how you can reference dimension values in the note tool by clicking on other values as you type). if that were possible, I could just make some dimensions to reference that i would hide after. These dimensions would react to drawing changes and in turn cause my 2nd ordinate value to react.


Example 2:


is there any kind of trick with the dimension text to do something that would look similar to this?


COMPANY EL. <DIM> (B.O.S.)                                  



Is there maybe a better way to do this? Is this even possible? Any input will be really appreciated.