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unable to open STEP file exported from Allegro PCB Editor

Question asked by Phillip Head on Sep 5, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2013 by Paul Salvador

With the last release of Allegro PCB Editor, Cadence has implemented Step file mapping of component models for 3-D viewing of the PCB. I am also able to export a STEP file of the entire PCB for import into a mechanical package. So far I have been unable to open any STEP file exported from Allegro with Solidworks. The error I get is "entity type not supported" and Solidworks crashes every time. I am exporting from Allegro in AP214 format. I am attaching a small sample STEP file exported from Allegro. Would someone be so kind as to try and open this file and see if you get the same results? Thanks in advance for any help. I am running Solidworks 2012 SP05.