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    Control solidworks with android

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      Hi, wanted to show my application to check solidworks with the Android smartphone as if it were a 3D mouse



      This application is available on the Google Android store...


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          Matteo Orlandelli

          Hey mate, congratulation for your app! I also like programming on both Android and SolidWorks and I fully understand that you did a really complex application ... but ... I think this is the typical application you can say: hey guys, let me show you what I'm able to do!

          ... but in "real life" I don't think it will help you so much in SolidWorks modeling ... I'm also general skeptical about 3D mouse and their usefullness ...

          Anyway: great application ... let me just suggest you to offer it for free on the Play Store ... so you can have an high number of download and maybe raise the interest of some company or some developer community ...