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Create Configurations Based on Driven Dimensions?

Question asked by John Lega on Sep 5, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2013 by John Lega

I'm loving the Propery Manager and it's ability to create configurations based on numberical imput. For example I have a part that is wall panel - 42" wide by X long. We need several lengths throughout our project. I insert the panel into the assembly and manually type in the length and voila - a panel is inserted at that length and a configuration is created for that length - all is well. Then I got the idea that instead of typing in the length - whey not add a relation from the panel sketch (that defines the length) to a point on the assembly which would dictate the length. For example - mate the panel at the ceiling and put in a coincident relation between the bottom of the panel and the floor.


My issue is I can't figure out a way for SW to create configurations based on driven dimensions. If I use the Property Manager - it requires a length to be put in (AFAIK). Any way to create multiple configurations based on what the length ends up being for that panel? I would be inserting it in various locations - so not all panels are the same length - thus the need for a configuration. I am also making the description in such a way that it shows the length of the panel (for ordering purposes).


Thanks so much!