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Import of an iges or igs file in to SolidWorks

Question asked by Sandip Darveshi on Sep 5, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2013 by Felix T.

Dear All,


I received a file from Vendor after persuit of 2 months or more in iges format. The file size is 1.27 GB (1,373,304,732 bytes). If possible please tell me how to open it.


The options I had and I tried are

     1.     On 3rd of Sep I gave command of open the same file in to SolidWorks 2013 sp 3, it is still opening. The system is continuously utilizing 22.2GB of RAM out of 24GB. The processor is shooting to max 16% i.e. 2 threads out of 12 threads (continuously 8% i.e. 1 thread is in use). The machine also holds 4GB Nvidia Quadro 4000 Graphics Card.

     2.     If I again ask the same vendor to deliver the file in bits and pices of reduced file size, I think vendor this time will take atleast a month to deliver.


What I want from you

          is it possible to open such file?

          even after open, could it possible for me to save it in native SolidWorks file formats? and will I be able to work on it?

          is it possible or any tool to separate an iges file into multiple pieces without opening?

          How we can reduce the file size, without affecting its appearance and geometry details.



I know these are too many questions within single discussion. But still few answers will also be helpful for me.


Thanks in advance.


Sandip Darveshi.