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assembly external feature changed - update

Question asked by Deb Martin on Sep 4, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2013 by Jerry Steiger

Hi There,


I am relatively new to working with complex assemblies.  I have a wide array of subassemblies that are now in a top level assembly.  One of the sub-parts has been modified with what appears to be a feature that was widely used in the top level assembly.  Now that the modifications have been made there are a slew of errors in the top level assembly mainly with mates that used the specific feature. 


I know what I can go through each error open the properties and update the missing feature with the new feature, but this is very time consuming.  I am wondering if there is a direct way to globally change or update the old feature with the new feature in the top level assembly?  Attached is an image that shows the missing feature that the mate is looking for.  This feature needs updated globally in the assembly to solve all of the errors.  Do you have suggestions for how to handle this?


I have had a great deal of inter-dependent assembly problems with similar issues of items chanign in a part affecting and causing errors in a higher level assembly.  Could you suggest rules of thumb or a good reference guide for good practices in design to avoid such issues?