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    BOM export to ERP/MRP systems

    Richard Kowalski

      Is there a list of ERP/MRP systems that is compatible with exporting your BOM to?

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          Michael Dekoning

          To my knowledge there is not a definitive list. EPDM comes with the capability to import and export data as XML files that can typically be used by ERP/MRP systems. Also, there are some solutions available from SolidWorks partners.

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            Andrew Schutte

            While I can't help you with a list, *most* ERP systems I've encountered will usually accept a single level BOM export. If you have a multi-level-indented BOM, it can quickly get difficult.

            There is however another method that's better than BOM exports, direct integration. www.smoothlogics.com offers a SolidWorks Add-In that directly integrates with SolidWorks, handles property input, collects and stores parent/child relationships, revisions, and allows engineering to place orders to purchasing, and revisions. Its part of the comprehensive COUNTERPART ERP/MRP software solution, designed for engineer-to-order companies. If you are looking for an ERP system, I would add Smooth Logics to your list.