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Error Using Blocks and Circle-Circle Traction Constraint

Question asked by Caleb Petersen on Sep 4, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2017 by Alessandro Tornincasa

Hi, I can drag the following assembly just fine (it consists of two circles mated with traction as in an internal, hypocycloid gear mate), but when I try to run a motion study, I get the error

Illegal function expression on MotionModel_2.Layout__Traction2_TractionCircleCircle1.  Error message follows:


While processing expression: (VXYZ(20,19) - (1.#INF00000000000*WXYZ(19) - 1.#INF00000000000*WXYZ(20))DXYZ(20,19))*(UVZ(19)DXYZ(20,19))
ERROR: Found '#' when expecting ')'
ERROR: (VXYZ(20,19)-(1.#INF00000000000*WXYZ(19)-1.#IN
ERROR:                 ^ 

I don't have any user-written functions, etc., so this isn't my error.  The simulation fails even when I try a simple gravity simulation.


File is attached.