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Parts dimension refererence

Question asked by Ferran Pujol on Sep 4, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2013 by Ferran Pujol

I've made a sketch on the top face of assembly's base part which is a simple rectangular plate. In this sketch are drawn the front profiles of four different parts. This parts are supposed to unfold from the plate like a door, each one in a different direction. My question is: How do I reference this four parts' shape from the sketch, without having any restriction on the part's position, and orientation. What I want is to alter the part's size and shape from this sketch, without affecting it's position in the assembly.


I've tried simply using "convert entities" and then making the part floating. However when the part is rotated it's shape and size is affected.

I've also tried to block all external references before making the part floating. In this case happens something similar when unblocking the references if the part has been rotated.


How should I proceed to control the part's shape from the sketch independently of it's position?


Thank you for helping.