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Workgroup project too large

Question asked by Walter Breuer on Sep 3, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2013 by Christian Chu

Since we started using PDMworks Workgroup, 8 years ago, we have always put checked all of our files into one single project.  This project now has around 40000 parts, assemblies and drawings in it.  Currently, it takes around 90 seconds to checked an assembly/drawing into this project folder.  Our current SW reseller has tried to help us remedy the slow check in times we are experiencing, with no success.  They are now telling us that the only other thing we can try (other than buying EPDM) is to break the current project up into smaller projects, not to exceed 1000 files per project.  The only two ways I know of of do this, is to check the file out, take ownership and then check it back in choosing the new project, or right clicking on the file in the vault tree, take ownership, and then right click on the file again, select "change project" and once in the new project, release ownership.  Does anyone else have a faster way?