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How would I go about Deforming a flanged channel?

Question asked by Aaron Peterson on Sep 3, 2013

I am working from drawings where  flanged channel has been bent to make clearance for a nother beam.


The included picture has the beam, and a cross section of the beam that I don't want to have collisions with.


I made the beam out of sheet metal...
I then Tried to loft it, but i think the sharp bend in my guide curve gave it a problem.



In real life, I would just have a portion of the channel, and hit it with a hammer, maybe hold a torch to it.. then trim away any extra.


When I tried the deform tool, it thru the portion that was barely intersecting many inches away, and left collisions for the rest of it.


I will also need to bend similar parts, and had origionally used the flex tool, but found it too difficult to have two radiuses, so I just lofted the part.

I'm also thinking about modeling a die, and treating the whole part as a stamped piece rather than made in a roll mill and then bent later.



Do you have any suggestions? I also tried to use the sheet metal loft function, but that didn't work either.


Any help would be appreciated.