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Linking Values in the title box to a parts configuration properties

Question asked by Unspecified Unspecified on Sep 2, 2013



I have hundreds of parts, which have been given a description in the configuration properties manager, and had the "use in bill of materials" box ticked, so that the bill of materials populates simply for each assembly.


Id like to create a sheet format template, that can link values to each specific parts description, so that I can have a Title field, which displays the contents of the description in the configurations property manager, but I only seem to be able to link it to the custom properties.


See below screenshot, I would like to have that descirption field contianing "Press Plastic 03" linking to the title block.




If the answer to this is already eslewhere, or I have posted this in the wrong area, please forgive me Im new to this forum.


Thanks in advance for any help