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    Date Formatting

    Ryan Boyle

      So I've set up a drawing template to auto complete certain fields. One of these fields is the date. The only problem is that by default SolidWorks displays the date as XX/XX/XXXX. Typically we display the date as XX.XX.XXXX. Is there any way I can show this information in our format using autocomplete?



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          Peter De Vlieger



          Solidworks uses the date settings of your Windows.


          In other words, if you change the way your Windows portrays the date then it will automatically show it the way you want it to in Solidworks.


          When altering the date settings (control panel time and date) you'll have to edit the short date notation. You can select one of the pre-selects or devise your own notation.


          Hope this helps.


          Have a nice one.


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            Ryan Boyle

            Thanks for the reply! It worked but the settings for the date format in Windows 7 are found under Control Panel->Region and Language. Then you can create a custom format under the Additional Settings button in the date tab.