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Select all instances of same part in an Assembly? How?

Question asked by Brian Corbin on Sep 3, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2013 by Deepak Gupta

Hi Guys,

Long time Inventor User here struggling away using Solidworks for the first time in a new company, without a good power user for reference. So I might be posting here a bit.... Be gentle :-)


I did a search, but found nothing of use...?


Is there any like command in SWX for selecting all indentical instances of the same part in SWX? In Inventor you can just RMB and use "select all occurrances" to highlight them all in the browser and graphics window.
I find this very useful for a lot of things, but in this new company they have a complex numbering system for part filenames. Im working on editing an assembly I am unfamiliar with and a machine I am unfamiliar with.

If I see 2 parts that "look" the same in Inventor I would RMB and use the "select all occurances" feature to graphically highlight all instances of that same file to know for sure they are the same.


Is there some feature in SWX that will do a similar thing?


Thanks in advance!