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Maya model/exporting textures to Solidworks e-Drawings

Question asked by Robert Patton on Aug 31, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2013 by Chris Dordoni

For a project, I have a model of an ab machine prototype originally created from autocad in .stl format
(viewable in e-Drawings).


The job is to create textures and render the model. I converted the model from .stl (autocad) to polygons in
Maya 2012



I now have a completed a polygon model with texturing and shaders rendered with Mental Ray in Maya
However, the client is asking me to convert the file again with textures/shaders so that it can be viewable
on his iphone using e-Drawings (iphone app)

I attempted to export the file from Maya in .dxf format into e-Drawings on my desktop.


*The file is not showing the textures/shaders in e-Drawings and is only showing wire frame and or gray
shaded mode.



*Is it possible to transfer the texture/shaders from Maya to e-Drawings so that the textures are

visible on the model?




Thanks in advance