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    Canmy PC run Solidworks

    Rocco Mook

      I know I am stretching things considerably but I can't afford a new PC and the software at the same time. I have a lower end PC (see below) and I was hopping I can run SolidWorks Professional for now untill I can upgrade. I am willing to upgrade this unit as necesary, RAM, graphics Card or whatever to at least ge me started.


      Dell Inspron 660

      Processor - Intel Core i5-3330 (3.0 GHz, 6 MB Cache)

      RAM - 8 GB

      Harddrive - 1 TB

      Graphics - Intergrated Intel HD Graphics

      Operating system - Wondows 8 (64 bit)


      Any recomendations would be great, I just lost my job and need to make some money some how!




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          John Sutherland

          Although I can afford a new and faster box, the nightmare of transferring my software to a new box keeps me counting my blessings.  Upgrade is never as good as an optimal box.  One learns this the hard way.


          Your box is sub optimal for Professional.  If you can afford Professional then a new box is small change.


          There are plenty of hardware recommendations in this forum and in the SW site.

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            Jerry Steiger



            A good low end or mid-range SolidWorks qualified graphics card would be the first thing I would look at. It looks like you can get a FirePro V4900 for about $150. It's possible that you won't need it and it should only take a few days to get one, so you might want to wait until you know if your system has problems without it, but waiting until you have already started a job with a tight deadline is not a good idea.


            Jerry S.

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                Rocco Mook

                Thanks for the reply. I have been a SW user for three years and I was a Pro-E user for twelve. Loosing my job came as a surprise so raising the funds for the software will be hard enough. Adding a $2500 PC on top will not only wipe out any savings but I will have to borrow money. 



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                    Anna Wood



                    AMD FirePro V4900, Nvidia Quadro 600 or Quadro K600 will work for you.  Pick your price point.


                    Would just upgrade the video card in your current machine.  It will not be a screamer but should get you started without busting the budget.