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Help needed with saved Styles in drawings...

Question asked by Aaron Torberg on Aug 31, 2013

Maybe I am not understanding the proper use of the saeved styles... this is what I am trying to do.  I commonly make a 12mm diameter, H7, flat bottom hole that has a depth of 2.7mm, when I build the feature I have a saved hole wizard favorite that is a 12mm hole, 2.7mm deep with a drill piont angle of 180° (flat bottomed).  When I use the hole callout I choose the hole and I get (diameter symbol)12 - 2.70 (depth symbol).  Then I modify the dimension to a tolerance type of "fit with tolerance", choose "H7" from the drop down list, choose "linear display", choose "show parentheses", change the depth precision to a single place after the decimal, and add the flat bottom symbol to the begining of the callout.  When I am done I get exactly what I want; (flat bottom symbol)(diameter symbol)12 H7 (tolerance in parentheses) - 2.7 (depth symbol).  So instead of doing thiese steps everytime I have this feature, I saved the style.  But when I recal the saved style I am not getting the same results, usually the precision of the H7 tolerance is se to two places instead of three and the hole depth precision is set to three places (2.700) instead of one (2.7).  Does anyone else have issues with saved styles?