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license&service subscription question

Question asked by Kid Wai on Aug 31, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2013 by Chris Challinor

dear all,


My boss'd bought some of solid work standalone sofware licenses. Now, the service time including in that license may be nearly expired, Reseller told him to buy service subscription. My boss have no need of upgrading or special service, then he doesn't want to pay. However, after discuss with the reseller, they told that if we not have service subscription, they can't help anything if we face up with the computer damage (or even be stolen) problem. They said like they can't help to deactivate/recover the lost license in the case of the installed computer is accidently damaged without our service subscription.


Is that true? Anyone here have the experience of accidently damaged computer without service subscripton? Reseller or VAR can't help in this case?


Thanks for all answer in advance,