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Composer not loading properly

Question asked by Cory Lehr on Aug 30, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2013 by Cory Lehr

I hope someone here can help me with this or let me know the best place to move this question for help.


Currently we have 2 users that have access to Solidworks Composer.  One of the users has a 64-bit computer running on windows 7 with Solidworks 2013 sp04 installed.  The seat of Composer is also the latest service pack, sp04.  The other user has a 32-bit windows 7 machine and is not running Solidworks.  He also has the latest service pack of composer installed.  We do use workgroup PDM for all of our files as well.  Both users have access to the vault, the one without Solidworks has a contributor license for workgroup. 


When the user with the 32-bit machine opens a file from the vault location on our local server, approximately 90% of the components don't show up.  When I open the assembly the same way, from the vault location on the server.  When I open up the file, on a 64-bit machine, the assembly comes in like it shows in Solidworks. 


I'm wondering if there is a better way to do this, or if this is something that is happening because of the 32-bit machine?


Any help is appreciated.


Thank you