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Fill template with custom properties from drawing

Question asked by Philippe Langevin on Aug 30, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2013 by Jeremy Feist

Hi all !


My transition from Catia to SW is going well, however I still have nightmares about drawings in SW.


I built some templates, parts and drawings, and have been using them for a while now. The template gets filled automatically with information stored in custom properties in the model. This works great. But there are some information that I would like to be specific to the drawing sheets.


For instance, I would like the drawing title box to retrieve the information from the drawing's custom property table. Is this something that is possible at all ? I did the same thing as other cells but referenced the link to the current document and it does not work.


Well it partially works. When i'm editing the title block, I see the info I would like to see on the final drawing. But as soon as I exit the title block editing, the information disappears.


I don't know if I am being clear or not, I think my issue may be hard to comprehend for someone else than me but still if anyone could help me .


How do you guys produce multi-sheet drawings for the same part/assembly. Lets say first page is the assembly drawing, then the first page is titled assembly drawing. Next for example I have exploded view which I would like to entitle ''exploded view'' but since it gets this information from the model, it's basically impossible to have different title ... Or i'm completely missing something here.


Of course, I could edit the sheet format and manually enter the information I want but i'm pretty sure there is a more convivial way to do this.


Thanks for the help