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Insanely bad workstation deal - is IT going mad?!

Question asked by Dries Vervoort on Aug 30, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2013 by Dries Vervoort

Hi there,


IT wants to buy a 'new' workstation that we have been renting (without purchase obligation btw) for a few months now.



*Intel Xeon E5645


*160GB SSD

*Quadro 4000

*Windows 7 Pro

(*Some miscellaneous stuff: consumer IPS LCD display, keyboard, mouse...)


This will cost...€2265 excl. VAT!?! And we already paid a good amount of money for the rent... :-S


I think this is an insane amount of money for the following reasons:

*E5645 is outdated (2010 CPU, a couple generations old...)

*modern quad cores (E3-1240 v3 etc.) have better performance and are much cheaper

*Quadro K2000 is better and much cheaper than Quadro 4000

*I checked HP warranty online and it states that it runs until June 2015. Thus I infer that this system is already +1 year through its original warranty!! They're paying 'new' prices for 'refurbished' hardware? Really??

*That CPU is just a STUPID choice for SolidWorks and Adobe suite apps. These applications are mostly single-threaded...


Modern configurations -like HP Z230 and Dell T1700- are much more compelling, offer better performance and are priced significantly lower.


What do you guys think about this deal?