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    Internal water flow around and axial impeller

    Brendan Carberry

      Hi everybody, my name is Brendan and i am new to the flow simulation add-in from solidworks and i have run into some trouble. All the help is greatly appreciated as this is a part of my college finals.

      I have desigened the stator and the impeller, the impeller has been fully enclosed in an non-merged cylinder. Since this is an impeller it is designed to "Rotate" and here is my problem, i can run the simulation no problem when the rotating region option in the wizard is turned off, i have a screenshot below of the result:

      Non-rotation velocity.PNG

      Here is a screenshot of the design:


      For the rotating analysis the rotation is set to 20 rad/sec in the correct direction and the enclosing cylinder around the impeller is switched "off" in "component control".

      when i run the simulation this time here is my result:

      Rotating region - ON.bmp

      As you can see the water is not flowing throught he impeller!!!!! I can't understand it.

      I have gravity also switched on and my reference axix is "x", im not sure if this have any error induced or not but any help is welcome.


      Thanks everybody in advanced B.

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          Jared Conway

          is your rotating part basically a plate with fins on it?


          does it act like a pelton wheel where the flow acts on the rotating component to spin it?


          what direction do you expect the flow to go in?


          something i might recommend doing here is adding the flow velocity vectors onto your cut plot to see exactly what is happening (what direction the flow is going).


          then create another plot where you set the max to something lower than 16. maybe the flow in the center is actually low.


          with this all being said, i'd check the technical reference and solving engineering problems document. i think this is at the barrier of what flow simulation can do. it really is meant for flow to come in from the side and leave out the middle. something like a pelton wheel like you have is slightly out of the scope of what the method can do.