David Heverin

Seperate "Add or delete" and "Add or rename"

Discussion created by David Heverin on Aug 30, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2013 by Michael Woerther

I know this has been requested in the past, and has also been on the "Top Ten List" of enhancements for SolidWorks, but I am compelled to add yet another thread on the subject.


Frequently I am challenged when delegating responsibilities to users by two check boxes in the EPDM Admin Tool permissions section. 


  • “Add or delete a folder”


  • “Add or rename file”


The difficulty arises with the “or” term.   Many a time I want to permit a user to “add” folders but not “delete” folders.  Likewise, there are times when I DO want users to “add” files, but not be able to “rename” them. 


How about splitting these functions? 


Give me four functions:


  • Add folder
  • Delete folder




  • Add file
  • Rename file


This could greatly enhance the versatility of EPDM and make the admin’s job easier as more discrete permissions can be granted to users without fear that one may inappropriately delete or rename a folder or file.


So, there you have it.


Thanks  for reading.