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Complicated Sheet Metal Fascia - 2 Days and still no further :-(

Question asked by Alex McHale on Aug 30, 2013
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Hi All,


Solidworks 2013 Standard




I work in an architectural glazing and fascade company and mainly all our work is in 2D using Autocad. My first passion has been 3D modelling and I have been using solidworks for about 6 months now, teaching myself with great success cutting my teeth on modelling parts for my off road Discovery project, then moving onto doors, windows and fascades using the weldment feature mainly.


We recently took on a job modelling a section of a building and as REVIT isnt up to the task I have been using Solidworks. I have all the elements in there and it is working brilliantly however here is the problem.


The Problem


I have an architectutal fascade that goes around the building and at each corner it curves around. it is a compund curve shape out of sheet metal panels. I have attached the part as it is now.


The problem is the two corners of the fascia. I cant seem to make them work. I have searched high and low via this forum/youtube/books we have here and come up empty.


I have tried extruded boss/base, Sheet metal base flange, surfaces/revolve/sweep/boundary, plus many more and i know it is my inexperience that is the cause of my frustration.


Can someone please point me in the right direction as I am two days into this particular issue and no further forward.


The part I am working on is the EAR