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Supressing EULA and Welcome pop-ups

Question asked by Aaron Roy on Aug 29, 2013
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We are an education environment and are using Solidworks for the first time.  The OS and software on our student computers are in a frozen state using a product called Deep Freeze.  Every time a machine boots up it defaults back to the original state to when all the software was first installed.  Because of this, each time a student or faculty logs on, it is like creating their profile for the first time, even if they've technially used that particular computer before.  We would like to suppress the EULA and Welcome pop-up windows, and perhaps preselect some of the help settings in the Welcome window.  We are using a SolidnetWorks License managing server and deployed to about 40 machines using an administrative package.  Does anyone know if suppressing these pop-ups for all users is possible?  Thanks!!!