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    TaskPane Tutorial, or better yet VB.NET AddIn Example

    John Howell

      Pretty simple question and I feel stoopid asking but...


      I've searched threads far and wide for information and/or examples on using the TaskPane in a VB.NET AddIn, and I always see reference to a TaskPane tutorial. Can someone point me to where this tutorial might be?


      I have found the examples in the API Help and while they are informative, taking what's in the "Add Buttons to Task Pane (VB.NET)" example and incorporating that into an AddIn is a little above my comfort level (although if someone said 'put (this) here and put (that) there', I could probably follow).


      What would be nice is a VB.NET template that included a Task Pane (like it includes a Property Manager Page).


      I've deveoped a couple of SolidWorks VB.NET AddIns over the years (from the template - so it's pretty easy) so that's not new - just the TaskPane that I have not worked with as of yet - though that is about to change, hopefully.


      Thanks in advance for any help.