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    Obtaining a selected SplineHandle

    Louis Bouchard



      I am trying to obtain a pointer to a SplineHandle, and I have trouble finding a way to do it.


      If I select a SplineHandle's manipulators in sketch mode, i.e. the swSelectType_e is swSelMANIPULATORS, I can't get to the object via ISelectionMgr::GetSelectedObject6 or IFeature::GetSpecificFeature2.


      I also tried casting the underlying SketchPoint to a SplineHandle and that failed miserably.


      I haven't tried it yet (I am about to), but it seems I could select a SketchPoint, get it's associated Sketch, look for that SketchPoint among all the Sketch's spline segment's points.  If I find a match, get the corresponding spline handle.  I think it will work, but it's not very elegant.


      Isn't there a more direct way?