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    Tired of manually triggering rebuilds..

    David Tiefenbrunn

      Recently upgraded to the current version.  Where is the setting to make rebuilds happen automatically after changing a dimension?

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            David Tiefenbrunn

            It took a while to find the Instant3D button...  But it has been on all along, and it has no effect on my problem.


            When I click a feature in a model, the dimensions show up.  I click on one to adjust it, and hit enter.  The number is updated in the dimension on screen, but the model does not change.  The feature has the red green icon next to it.  I now have to go to the to toolbar and click the red green button to get the model and assemblies updated. 


            I did not have to do this before.  Once I hit enter, everything updated.


            It's not just with one model / assembly, it's all of them.

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            John Burrill

            David, the behavior with respect to Automatic rebuilds hasn't changed since the last release. 

            The settings are the same in 2013 as they are in 2012.  (Options:System Options:Performance)  Maybe you have 'design verification on rebuild' checked now and you didn't before.

            Otherwise, If you're editing a dimension in a sketch, then the sketch updates as soon as you hit OK.  If you turn on instant 3D as glenn suggested then the feature driven by the dimension you edit will update, but some downstream features or equation driven features may not until you do an update.

            The way to get a model to update when you edit a dimension is to hit the traffic light symbol in the dimension dialog before clicking OK.  This will give you the chance to see the end result of your dimension change while still allowing you to edit it.

            If you edit a feature, SolidWorks rebuilds when you hit OK in the feature manager.

            Other than those cases, triggering a rebuild is a manual process because it can take a long time on a  large model.  solidWorks rebuilds a part by recalculating all of it's geometry from the last feature edited all the way down to the bottom of the feature tree.

            You don't have to use the toolbar to trigger a rebuild.  the F5 key works.  You can also do CTRL+Q to force a top-to-bottom rebuild of the tree, you can map your own shortcut, assign Rebuild to a mouse-button or a mouse gesture

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                David Tiefenbrunn

                Ok, I checked - verification on rebuild is off.


                The specific case I am trying to figure out is when I touch / highlight  a feature in the feature tree, the dimensions come on in the model area.  I can single click if I use the regular mouse and get a small box that lets me change the dimension and when I hit enter, everything updates.  If I use the Bamboo, the single click gets me the dimension feature manager.  I then have to double click to edit the dimension and that gives me the box as if I were actually editing the sketch.  When I hit enter, the number is changed, but I have to trigger a rebuild.


                After haing tried it with the regular mouse, it seems something is different between the mouse and the Bamboo.