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need advice on breaking piece out of .sldprt into .dxf file

Question asked by Dave Krum on Aug 29, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2013 by Brandon Morris

Hi All,

Not sure if I'm putting this in the correct section on this forum.  I modeled a simple 2 piece weldment for a test in shop on one of our machines.  I am not sure of the quickest/easiest way is to break the two pieces apart so I can take the one directly from the .sldprt file and save it true size (normal to top view) as a .dxf file for plasma-cutting.   The part I'd like to save to a .dxf file is the one in the FMT called "Main Profile".  I did have both pieces unmerged but when I went to add the fillet, it appears I cannot use "insert into new part" for either of them.  Before I had the fillet weld added, I could use "insert into new part" and then take that part to a .dxf file.  I'm using SW2010 if that matters.  Thanks for any advice!