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Change Shaded with Edge Color on Per-Part Basis in Assembly

Question asked by Art Dutra on Aug 28, 2013

I've tried searching for a solution to this problem, but have yet to come up with a solution.


As I currently understand, there are only three options right now in Solidworks for displaying part edges:


1. Shaded without Edges

2. Use specified color for Shaded with Edges (default is black)

3. Edge color is based upon Appearance color (option for #2 is unchecked).


What I am looking to do is within an assembly, change the displayed edge color on a per part basis. I would like the vast majority of parts to use Black edges, but on some very dark color parts I want to invert the edge color to White to make it easier to see details. With only Black edges, holes in the black-color part are very difficult to see in exploded views.


In my opionion, unchecking "Use specified color for Shaded with Edges mode" makes all lines look lighter. This is fine for the dark parts, but it looks worse on light colored parts.


Is is possible to set the Shaded with Edge color setting on a per part basis within an assembly?