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DriveworksXpress problems with part file suppression!

Question asked by Kathy Lindsay on Aug 28, 2013
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New to Solidworks and Driveworks but am getting there...slowly.  Here's the problem.  I've created a driveworks project that suppresses and unsuppresses parts in my assembly dependent upon length and width of channel and midsections.  It was working fine when I suppressed the extrude feature of the parts, but then the part kept showing up in the BOM.  So I suppressed the part file if it wasn't needed.  Well that fixed the problem with the BOM, but it now ignores all the dimension rules that are in place for those parts that aren't suppressed.  I've looked at the code and can't figure it out.  It suppresses the correct part files, just ignores the dimension code ie. parta_width = if(belt_width = 18, 26, If(belt_width = 24, 32... you see where I'm going).  I do get an error message that says the part suppression not working...  Totally confused.  Does suppressing the file negate the dimensioning code for the unsuppressed parts... is it the order of operations, etc.



PS Sorry if the code isn't very elegant, I'm just learning.


Sample File Suppression Statement: Working

Rule: Conveyor Section Parametric Model


=IF(ConveyorSectionLength -MidSectionDimFromEnd <= 404, "SUPPRESS", "UNSUPPRESS")


Sample Angle Statement for midsection:  No longer Working

Rule: Conveyor Section Parametric Model



=IF(beltwidth = 18, 16.327, IF(beltwidth = 24, 19.47, IF( beltWidth = 30 ,22.496, IF( beltWidth = 36 ,25.396, IF( beltWidth = 42 ,28.163 ,IF( beltwidth = 48 ,30.793,IF(beltWidth = 54 ,33.489 ,IF( beltWidth = 60 ,35.838 ,23 ) ) ))))))



Sample Length Statement for midsection:  No longer Working

Rule: Conveyor Section Parametric Model



=IF(beltwidth = 18, 103.16, IF(beltwidth = 24, 105.005, IF(beltwidth = 30 ,107.154 ,IF(beltwidth = 36,109.59 , IF( beltwidth = 42, 112.294 ,IF( beltwidth = 48 ,115.248, IF(beltwidth= 54 ,118.707,IF(beltwidth = 60,122.12,107.154 ) ) ) )))))