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Has anyone modified Broken Views for ISO view use?

Question asked by Dan Bertschi on Aug 28, 2013

Hi Everyone,



I know this isn't new stuff, I searched around and found a few things, but am still not satisfied with the results.  What I hope to do, like many who have asked this question, is create an angled broken view that can be used with ISO type view angles.  This is different than a vertical/horizontal broken view that we are locked into by SW for use with top/front/right standard views.  When this is used on an ISO view, is creates a mis-aligned view, which can be "sort of" correct by adding a break in the other direction. See pictures.



Create a macro, or something, that can control the angle at which the view break occurs.  Other possible features include hiding the break lines & modifying the break lines.


Any thoughts?  Yes, I did find the macro that forces all broken views to a certain style, (kudos to the creator!) and I agree that the break line style should be a 'sticky' choice, and remain as whatever it was last used.  The resulting break line profile when using both directions is not acceptable to me, the straight line result shown in the picture is the least offensive.  I would like the angled break to appear as clean as the horizontal/vertical usage.


My apologies, I had to attach, rather than insert, the image files. Restricted access at the moment.


Thanks for any advice/comments... who knows, maybe this will be in SW2014?!