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    Notebook graphics choice

    M. D



      For my new study i need to use solidworks. The recommend to buy a notebook to be able to make your own work on any place.

      My budget is arround €700 and for this money i will not be able to buy a notebook with a firegl/pro of quadro graphics card.


      My question is will i get more power in solidworks from a HD7650 card compared with a Intel HD 4000 graphics card? And is it worth the money?

      And if not, is it recommended to choose a faster cpu instead of the 3230M to get more power?


      The other specs of the notebook are:


      8GB 1600Mhz

      Win7 x64

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          Jerry Steiger



          It's hard to say whether the graphics chip will be worth the money or not. It all depends upon how well it works, which is a crap shoot for gamer cards, how expensive it is, and how sensitive you are to the benefits it may or may not give you. The HD 4000 is probably pretty bad, so it might be worth it.


          SolidWorks is very sensitive to the processor speed, so money spent here is usually well-spent. Having a bad graphics processor may mean that the processor is even more important.


          Read the posts in the "More Like This" box to the right and check out the posts in the Administration forum, which is where hardware and performance is supposed to be (and is) discussed.


          If you are willing to give up the portability and confine your work to a single location, your budget can probably get you a reasonable desktop machine. See Charles Culp's latest suggested workstation thread in Administration.


          Jerry S.