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2013 Toolbox Desciptions Missing

Question asked by Tom Strohscher on Aug 27, 2013

We've been using toolbox since 2005.  Individual parts go into a copied parts folder.  A "custom" property of description is put on each fastener.  There are 3,523 in the folder now.


Since upgrading to 2013 assembly drawing BOM are randomly missing descriptions for fasteners.


After watching this for a while I noticed that every time a fastener part file with a missing description has a "description" property under the custom property tab and the configuration specific property tab.  The custom property description has text entered and the configuration specific property is blank.


Removing the configuration property allows the BOM to display the correct description.


Why is this now happening?

Where do I control which property the description gets assigned to?

The tool box is set up so an individual part file is created each time you use a new size.

The problem seems to be SW puts a new blank description in the configuration specific property when a part is used.


Any ideas?


What problems will we face if we switch to "Create Configurations" setup?


Is anyone putting fasteners in PDM Works instead of using one copied parts folder on the network.

Should we ever have a copied parts folder on individual comptuers?

We have several engineers using SW on our network.