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    How to Quickly Create Holding Fixture for Assembly

    Grant Boney



      I am trying to create a clamping fixture that will hold an assembly for impact testing.  The individual parts in the assembly are somewhat complidated, they were designed using surface modeling and have some complicated and organic shapes. 


      I basically want a 2 part clamp, one that supports the assembly from the bottom and one that comes on top.  It would look very similar to what the "cavity" feature would produce. 


      As of now, I have tried saving the assembly as a part.  When trying to create the bottom support, I have inserted the "part" in with solid bodies and surfaces checked. 


      I have tried using the cavity tool and it gives me a bunch of errors such as it cannot do because it would create a "zero thickness" condition.


      I have tried the indent tool as well, but still no luck.  I've tried extruding "up to body" and it errors out. 


      What is a super easy way you all build a fixtures to support assemblies.  Seems to me that so many people use solidworks to create fixtures that there should be a much simpler way than I am going about this.