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Flow Simulation Network Solving and Add Computer

Question asked by Daniel Alaniz on Aug 27, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2019 by Julien Boissat

Flow Simulation network solving  ... I am having issues with adding a computer and need some assistance.


Network Solving.PNG


I currently have a VM Server with 2013 SW with Flow Simulation installed and working properly.  Both my workstation and server have the same version SW w/flow simulation including the same service pack.  Every time I try to add it is states that "Cannot find solver on the specified computer.  Please check flow simulation 2013 version installed".  Has anyone ever had the same issues even though you give it the right "name"?  The port number seems to be assigned automatically but I am not sure if this is correct; 30950?  Any input would really be helpful!  Thanks in advance for your response.