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Selecting a folder of parts does not highlight the parts correctly on the screen

Question asked by Brian Hughes on Aug 27, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2013 by Glenn Schroeder

In a part/assembly, when I click on a folder containing multiple features/parts in the FeatureManager Design Tree, the graphics display does not highlight the parts contained in the folder correctly on the screen. Contrary to what I think is intuitive, a myriad of different parts is highlighted in the graphics area, as shown in the image below:

In this picture, I select the folder "Right Valve 1" in an attempt to select the valve second from the bottom on the right along with some other components in the assembly that are related to, but not subcomponents of, this valve. As you can see, the graphics area highlights the second valve from the bottom on the left, along with parts of other assemblies which are not contained in the "Right Valve 1" folder.


What I expected/want to happen is that the correct parts would be highlighted in a similar fashion as if you were to individually select the parts contained in the folder, like the image below:


(To achieve the above effect, I individually selected each component in the "Right Valve 1" folder and collapsed the folder.)



Is there a way to configure SW so that selecting a folder will properly select/highlight the contained parts on the screen?


Is there another way to group components (other than creating another subassembly) so that selecting the group would achieve the above?

(I would not be interested in creating subassemblies to contain the components in the folder due to various BOM and sales drawing issues)


Could this possibly be an issue with my graphics card or computer setup?


Is this just a shortcoming of the current release?


Thanks in advance for your help!