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    Can you use * in folder name?

    Mark Stillman


      ive been reworking Lenny kikstra's Doc Export macro ( Firstly Thanks you so much for publishing that Lenny), we need to save multiple file types of drawings to multiple folders, pdf,dxf dwg's jpeg etc...

      Nayway ive managed to cobble the code togther to do this and save it to its correct folder location, but i have a problem, our file system has loads of existing document and they are referenced on other software , (so i cant just change the names of them) , but they have really long names, so far i have got the files to go down to 3 levels of folder relativly easily but this is stopping me from fully implementing the macro.



      PDfs can got to 2 folders EA & GA, they can then be sent to folders tht correspond to the first three digits of the file name

      C:\PDF\EA\002\ xxxx.PDF


      folder C:\PDF\EA\100 has folders like the following


      10002 Draft Part

      10003 Valve Couplings

      10010 Wobbly Bits



      Is there some way of making the path using only the first 5 chahrters go to these folders eg C:\PDF\100\10002*\


      Im not near the machine at the mo so icant check it but thought id ask first, if anyone has any idea id be greatful