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Customizing the Sheet Metal Costing Report Template

Question asked by Jackson Cadus on Aug 27, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2014 by Jarred Mosdal



                    I was hoping that someone here may be able to give me some insight into customizing the asthetics of the generated costing report.  The goal is to create a new "report template" so when I do generate a report from a new part,  it is already "fitted" to our company (logo ect).   Perhaps I should refraise;  The goal is to *not* have to customize the generated report for every new part we make.   I would love to learn more about editing the viewports generated too (i.e. - Showing specific views / features as it does automatically),  however that isn't as important at this time and i'm grateful for any knowledge shared.   Thank you for your time.