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Solidworks Electrical workflow?

Question asked by Noufal Babu on Aug 27, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2014 by Rabbani Syed

What is correct sequence of Solidworks Electrical workflow?



Schematics -> Part Creation -> Assembly -> 2D linking -> Electrical 3D -> Routing ?


I'm having issue in my current project where, Mechanical team work on the Solidworks Premium 2013 and they do the structure and 3D part creation and make the assembly, parallel to this the electrical team come up with 2D schematics and the electrical team took the assembly made in Soilidworks premium and tried to link with electrical 3D using the Solidworks Professional 2013. They were able to to link, but when routing came the Solidworks crashes every time, Then finally we have to take each individual part in the assembly and link it individually.

By doing this we have to put double effort and finally instead of one delivery we had two separate delivery one is for Mechanical Manufacturing and another one for Electrical


Please suggest the best way to integrate the Solidworks Premium 3D parts(Mechanical) to Solidworks Professional(electical)