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Replacing components without redoing the mates

Question asked by Marco Mintchev on Aug 27, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2013 by Marco Mintchev

I have a top assembly with many subassemblies and thousands of custom made bolts in them.

I need to replace all the bolts with new ones (many instances of the same bolt). I am doing this because we have created a new fastener library and I have to update the assy. with the new components.

So what I did is I named the mating surfaces of the old and the new bolts in the same way using the "Entity Property". I hoped that during the Replace Component operation I wouldn't get errors or need to re-mate my new bolts. It didn't work. The reason is that the original mates were done before I named the surfaces.


Do you know of a way to update the mates in assembly so they refer to the names from the "Entity Property" and not the automatically assigned internal ID?


Thanks in advance for your help.