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    Is there a way to attach a reference during a state change?

    Cameron Allard

      Howdy EPDM gurus and guruettes.


      I've searched high and low for a way to automate our DCN (Document Change Notice) process within EPDM.


      I am looking for a way to use the 'Paste Reference' functionality to attach a PDF document to another file.


      Process flow is pretty standard.


      1) Check-In PDF of the DCN form.

      2) Fill out card data.  (DCN number, date, author, affected file name, etc.)

      3) Change state to assigned and pick the poor designer who has to fix the drawing, interupting his/her day, and causing much wailing and lamenting.  (Auto notify assignee, auto change state of drawing to In-Work.)

      4) ---  At this point I create the reference manually to the drawing file in need of first aid ---

      5) Downtrodden designer then finally opens his/her e-mail checks out file and the usual check-approve-lock it down process from there.


      Does anyone have an add-in to automate Step 4?



      SolidWorks 2013 sp2/EPDM 2013 sp2

      All workstations Win7


      Note:  I'm usually the "downtrodden designer" mentioned above.