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Backing up the local cache of checked out files

Question asked by Jason Capriotti on Aug 26, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2013 by Pete Yodis

One concern we have here is the local cache, particularly for checked out files. It's not uncommon for the users to have checked out files for long stretches of time (sometimes months). I hound them on checking them in from time to time but when you have a 100 or so users, there's always some that forget being so busy on projects.


So what's the solution? Local external hard drive backups? Backup local checked out files to a server? Corporal punishment? Month in the hole.....err...we're already in the cube so nevermind that one.


I thought about a local backup drives for everyone but management isn't too keen on the cost involved. And the argument is that the user should be checking in the files in the first place. But you know people will forget, and it won't matter if they get written up or even fired, major work could be lost and shouldn't we protect against that? The other solution is to create user folders on some hidden server and have some script run on a schedule and copy the checked out files to the server once or twice a day thus minimizing potential data loss. We already have a server so this is a less costly route, it just takes more effort to setup scheduled tasks and a program to do the copying.


What do you guys do regarding this?