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    CFD in COSMOS/M?

    James Denney

      Using Solidworks Simulation Premium 2012 SP 4.0...finally got around to experimenting with COSMOS/M and having it all these years. Was greatly interested in the CFD anaylsis options since my boss is not interested in purchasing follow-on tool. After setting up a simple 2-D flow case, I cannot seem to get the flow analysis to execute. There's a command window box that flashes momentarily...I've attemped to capture it via "alt-printscreen" and my only successful attempt (albeit a poor one as the command window is extremely transparent...just not quick enough!) suggests the .exe for the flow analysis tool may be missing?


      Anyone had luck using the COSMOS/M flow tool as packaged with simulation premium?

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          Jared Conway

          James, I've been around since the geostar days and couldn't remember any CFD options. I checked the solidworks kb and sure enough there is mention of it. Unfortunately, it looks like they are no longer active:


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          Were there fluid flow analysis packages available as part of COSMOSM (GeoSTAR) and COSMOSDesignSTAR?



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          Yes, there were such modules available in COSMOSM and COSMOSDesignSTAR, but they were discontinued a number of years ago. Module names such as FLOWSTAR, FlowPlus, or COSMOS Flow are all no longer available. The fluid flow commands that remain in the COSMOSM interface refer to these defunct modules. The only currently developed fluid flow analysis package available as an official add-in for SolidWorks is COSMOSFloWorks.