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    Submodeling with laminated stuctures

    Wolfgang Grzesik

      Hello, I am quite curious about the function of submodeling and directly tried to model a problem to understand this feature completely and use it for further researches.


      I am modeling photovoltaic-structures wich are laminated in a bonded contact. After solving the global model, I'd like to make a submodel study and use a finer net and also make some little geometric changes on the silicon-solar-cells (for example electrical contacts between cells and also on top/botton of the cells). To make the geometric changes, I just created a dublicate of the submodel-study so the global model doesn't get updated after changing the submodel. When i start the simulation, it tells me that I have to use the function INCOMPATIBLE NET at the global model in order to solve the submodel with bonded contacts.

      I press yes and it starts.


      The problem is: It doesn't seem to find a solution after activating the incompatible net feature for bonded contacts. It just did try to solve it iterating at 33.3% without any solution for three days at a simulation wich usually took about 4 hours to solve.


      Anything I can do about this?


      With special greetings!


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          Jared Conway

          so your original submodel works but then the duplicate doesn't? i'm not totally following your workflow.


          you might want to make a really simple model that isn't proprietary, describe your workflow and post the model.


          also by "net" you mean mesh right?

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              Wolfgang Grzesik

              Hello, sorry for uncertainty. Yes I mean mesh but at the moment when I wrote it i was somehow missing the word. Nearly forgot to say: Its a static (mechanical) simulation where I put loads on the module at defined areas.


              My global model, wich is the photovoltaics module, is solved normally without the incompatible mesh option within 4 hours. For using a submodel, solidworks tells me to use the incompatible mesh option on the global model. With it it doesn't seem to find a solution. I just got an error wich occured while solving (where it is stuck at 33,3% trying to iterate): ".rsm file not found"

              The submodel is consisting of some of the most stressed solarcells within that module but it doesn't come to solving it so I guess its something wrong with that incompatible mesh option on the global model (pv-module). (Therefore the dublicating and so on isn't important for solving this problem)


              Thank you very much.

              Greetings, Wolfgang

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                  Jared Conway

                  hi wolfgang, you'll need to get your original model to solve with incompatible mesh so that you can eventually move to submodeling.


                  that being said, you might want to run a really simple case to check that submodeling will work for the changes you want to implement.


                  to troubleshoot the problem you're having, i'd try excluding a bunch of components and then find out which one is causing the issue. my guess would be lack of restraints or significant deformation or contact.