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    .sat files...

    Franklin Quito

      Hello everyone,


      I need some help with the .sat extension files.  I have a customer that can only open those type of files and even thought I have send him some in that format he is telling me the he can't open them. 




      The files do not open.  I think they have to be an early version like rev 2 ASIS file (.sat).




      I am currently using SW2013 service pack 3 and he visit my company last week and I showed him what formats I can save my parts on and he told me that only .sat files will work for him.  His company uses AutoCAD 2010 and can only do 2D modeling but has a add on program, AutoQuoter I believe, that allows them to import 3D parts and they are able to create 3D layouts.  He said that he has tried other formats but only the .sat files work for him.


      I am not sure the version that SW2013 uses when saving on .sat format or if we can change them. 


      My question is what else can we do so he can open my files???

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          Josh Brady



          Once you choose ACIS(.sat) from the save-as menu, a little button will appear below that says "Options...".  Click that button and you can choose the ACIS version to save, all the way back to version 1.6

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            John Burrill

            Hi Franklin,

            Welcome to the forums. 

            When you save your file to SAT, there's an export options button in the Save As dialog.  When you click that, another dialog box appears where you can set the ACIS version.


            AutoCAD 2000 used ACIS 4.0 and that came out in 1999, so you can generally figure out how far back you need to go to get the correct version.

            Into what application is Ken importing the ACIS files?

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              Franklin Quito

              Thank you to both of you guys Josh Brady and John Burril, both of your answers are correct.  Honestly I didn't know we could change the version of the format being saved.  I have saved a file and send it to my customer to see if it works and so far its good. 


              John Burril, Ken is using AutoQuoter, I believe, as an add on to his AutoCAD 2010.  He mention the program was created by a different group and it works well with AutoCAD. 


              Again, thank you both gentlemen for your quick answers.  I wish I could mark both as correct answers.